Re-discover Singapore.
Our way.

There is so much to discover and learn about Singapore. And now, there’s a better way to experience it!
Built around the basic idea that even locals, young and old, may not know our home as well as we think, Lion Heartlanders aims to create opportunities for all, to experience Singapore passionately.

1. We tell The Singapore Story

There's so much to say! We want to tell the stories of places and people, of struggles and success, and most of all, we want to share what makes us proud to be Singaporeans.

2. We craft Interactive Activities

We understand that learning is best through activities and experiences, guiding the participant towards self-discovery.

3. We stick to the facts

Our team of researchers are 100% committed to factual integrity. We ensure that all our content is grounded in proper research and accurately delivered.

Guided Walks & Tours

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Become a tourist in your home city. Discover fresh insights of well-known places, and explore lesser-known sites to fall in love with. Embark on specially curated tours to enhance your learning of Singapore's history, identity,...

Interactive Adventure Trails

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If you prefer experiential learning, and are willing to be engaged in team building activities along the way, this is the choice for you. The Interactive Adventure Trails (IATs) are basically an animated version of...

Build Your Own Tours

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Have an idea in mind and need some help in bringing it to life? We are here for you! Lion Heartlanders excel in crafting experiences that are not just educational, but also engaging and fun!...

"A nation that forgets its past, has no future."

-Winston Churchill


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