Racial Harmony

Military & Defense


Racial Harmony Series

  • Refresh your experience of the distinct Heritage Districts
  • Enhance your understanding of Singapore?s racial and cultural diversity
  • Create a greater appreciation of the peace and harmony we enjoy

A time-traveller’s journey: Chinatown Adventure Trail

Work together in this cooperative activity as time-travelers from 1939. Can you recognise the many buildings that still exists? Race around the streets of Kreta Ayer, Telok Ayer and Bukit Pasoh as you attempt to identify structures that seem frozen in time! Learn what these structures used to be and be amazed at the transformation of Chinatown.

Tour details
  • Where:Chinatown / Bukit Pasoh / Telok Ayer
  • Duration:~ 3 to 4?Hours
  • Language:English

Towkay-poly: Chinatown Adventure Trail

Ever wanted to be a rich tycoon? Here’s your chance! This trail mimics the game of Monopoly in real life. Travel with your team around Chinatown surveying a series of shophouses, clan associations, places of worship and many more as you decide if you would like to ‘buy’ them or not. Manage your finances, avoid paying rent, and hopefully don’t end up in jail!

Tour details
  • Where: Chinatown (Kreta Ayer)
  • Duration:4 - 5 Hours
  • Language:English

Puzzle Bubble, Hustle and Struggle: Little India Adventure Trail

Piecing history together might be a difficult task. Fortunately, we have invented a new way to do it! Bringing together on-site activities and a popular pastime, you can now re-create the story of Little India?s good ol’ days. Collect puzzle pieces from various locations, and complete the jigsaw to reveal a collection of memories.

Tour details
  • Where:Little India
  • Duration:4 - 5 Hours
  • Language:English

Military & Defense Series

  • Explore our military past and understand our present vulnerabilities
  • Learn about the difficulties in defending this island, and the struggles that ensue when we fail
  • Engender a greater commitment to the defence of Singapore

Survivors and Saboteurs: Japanese Occupation Adventure Trail

Re-live the darkest period in Singapore’s history by joining in the adventures of a survivor from 1942-1945. Work as a team, and navigate your way to a secret safe-house. Beware of those that might seek to sabotage you along the way! Experience the fear of not knowing who to trust, and realize that unity at home is key to our continued peace.

Tour details
  • Where:Civic District
  • Duration:Civic District
  • Language: English

Heartland Series

  • Develop an appreciation for Singapore’s history and heritage
  • Explore the heartlands, and showcase the side of this country that is closest to our hearts
  • Encourage a deeper reflection on what it means to be Singaporean

Through the Eyes of a ‘Tongkang’: Singapore River Adventure Trail

Step into the footsteps of our forefathers and join us on a journey of discovery. Using photographs from the past, you will have to identify each location, and complete activities related to the site’s original purpose. Witness the dramatic transformation, and learn how we breathed new life into the banks of the Singapore River.

Tour details
  • Where:Civic District / Boat Quat / Clarke Quay
  • Duration: 4 - 5 Hours
  • Language:English


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